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Powered by Coaching New Drivers the Parent Coaching System was designed to help parents and guardians of teens combat the top causes (or "danger zones") of novice driver collisions. Through effective step-by-step supervised driving and situational awareness strategies, the probability of your teen being involved in a collision in the first year of driving on their own can be greatly reduced! Fill out the form to start coaching or scroll down to learn more...

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Coaching from the Passenger Seat

A Parent's Guide to Supervised Driving in the Learner's Stage

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), an organization representing state highway safety offices, cited parental involvement as the most important factor in keeping young drivers safe on the road: "While development and behavior issues coupled with inexperience impact teen crash risk, parents play a critical role in helping teens survive their most dangerous driving years."

Find out how you can be the most important factor in making your teen a safe and responsible driver, while decreasing the probability that the number one cause of novice driver collisions, Driver Inexperience, will play a part in your teen's first years of driving on their own. This self guided video series allows you to go at your own pace to match your teen's progress based on how many hours you can commit per week or how quickly your teen progresses.

12 Steps to Provide the Experience they Need


Video 1 - Discussing the Ground Rules


Video 2 - The Safety Checklist


Video 3- First Time in Gear


Video 7 - Master the Country Roads


Video 8 - Keep it Moving


Video 9 - Parallel Parking and 90 Degree Backup


Video 4 - Fine Tune the Basics


Video 5 - The First Road Trip


Video 6 - Head out on the Freeway


Video 10 - Defensive Driving Mindset


Video 11 - License Day


Video 12 - Start Early and Never Stop

Danger Zone Training

A Drip Learning Course for New Drivers

Combat the Top Causes of Novice Driver Collisions

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) show that nationwide each year 42% of new teen drivers will be involved in a collision in their first year of driving and 37% in their second year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.gov) have identified the following 8 Danger Zones shown below as the leading causes contributing to novice driver collisions. The Danger Zone Training course has been designed to provide coaches and new drivers with important information on how to avoid being impacted by one of these situations.

Each month, for six months, a new lesson will be made available to view on your coaching platform and one dash cam lesson will be delivered in your monthly coaching newsletter. This type of "drip-learning" has been shown to greatly increase the long-term retention of learned information, enabling your new driver to keep these strategies top of mind during the most critical time of their driving career.

Top 8 Causes of Novice Driver Collisions


Driver Inexperience


Distracted Driving


Drowsy Driving




Impaired Driving


Driving at Night


Driving with other Teens


Improper Use of Seatbelts and Airbags

Danger Zone Video Topics

You will be notified of new lessons available by email each month in our Coaching newsletter.

Month 1 Danger Zone Lesson

Seatbelts and Airbags

Month 2 Danger Zone Lesson

Impaired/Distracted Driving

Month 3 Danger Zone Lesson

Avoiding Common Crashes

Month 4 Danger Zone Lesson

Drowsy/Night Driving

Month 5 Danger Zone Lesson

Driving with Other Teens

Month 6 Danger Zone Lesson

Aggressive Driving

Monthly Coaching Newsletters

Each month, we will email you our newsletter with a notification of that month's Danger Zone lesson, bonus coaching materials, tips and tricks and additional video resources.

What Other Coaches are Saying

With tens of thousands of enrolled coaches in the program, we are pleased that so many have expressed their feelings on how this program has affected both them and their new drivers!

"This driver training course makes it easy for a parent to teach and keep the teen interested. Mike's stories and insights are practical and compelling. My son even liked the course and enrichment activities because "it was not boring".

Colleen, Parent

"An excellent course! I especially approve of the common sense, step-by-step instructions presented in such a calm manner!! I highly recommend for parents who are planning to teach their teens to drive."

Diana, Parent

"It is absolutely top-notch...the best of the best! Mike's delivery is so real, conversational, direct and firm from a caring heart...it is so obvious this is his passion. WOW!! We are super impressed!!"

Angie, Parent

"These courses are great for developing a parent-instructor-student working relationship. We've always tried to stress how important it is that we all work together to put the safest teen driver on the road...Mike reinforces and validates what I have been saying for 37 years."

Mary, Veteran Driving Educator

A Program Designed by Parents for Parents

About Your Instructor - Mike Pehl

Mike Pehl is a 30 year veteran crash investigator and driving educator. An accident involving a high school friend changed Mike's life forever and eventually lead him to his life's passion of helping parents and new drivers avoid tragedies like the one involving his friend and the millions of drivers and families affected by collisions each year.